Picture taker Scott Houston has made this photography arrangement entitled Incarceration Inc. The present American Slavery to feature the association between mass imprisonment in the United States and standard trade.



He clarifies: “The United States imprisons a greater number of individuals than some other nation on the planet. There are more than 2.3 million individuals inside jail frameworks in the U.S. This is a multi-media venture on the chain packs that have been standardized as a feature of a jail framework at Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix Arizona.


“The detainees are utilized for humble work. In one day they pick and accumulate five tons of grapefruit from a private homestead.

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That grapefruit is then sold back to the jail. The following day they might be clearing open roadways, or painting over spray painting.




“The greater part of this is free work done in chains and endorsed by the state. This type of detainment performs like a business venture, and it is just a modest piece of America’s aggravating and unsustainable jail culture.




“American detainment facilities today are working as business endeavors, upheld by partnerships. Private business is exploiting defenseless, frail, and disappointed detainees who are for the most part ethnic minorities. The prisoners themselves have moved toward becoming state property.”

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