The Nolii go comprises of five items; Couple, Bundle, Keep, Set and Stack, which are brought together through a dark and silver, utilitarian tasteful, and through being multi-useful.

Couple is a telephone case with separable components, including a battery pack, wallet, auto and bicycle docks and a wellness band. Package is a normal charging link, which can be adjusted to store records similarly as a USB stick, while Keep is a Bluetooth connector, USB stick and compact battery in one. Set is a charger and battery pack, while Stack can charge the two telephones and tablets.

Five, multi-purpose products

Layer has outlined the pack of five, multi-reason items, incorporating a two-in-one charger and USB stick, and a telephone case that transforms into a wellness band and wallet.

Because of cell phones, a hefty portion of us are presently subject to the unending, every day hazard of “Who in the workplace right now has my telephone charger?”, or “I’ve come up short on battery – do I now need to utilize a genuine guide to return home?”

Item plan studio Layer, headed up by author Benjamin Hubert, has made another scope of items that hopes to battle these issues (and mollify our expanding dependence on innovation to make due, obviously).

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Accessible in three distinct completions

The dark and silver Nolii set is likewise accessible in delicate pastel and brilliant hues, and is reasonable for both Apple and Android items. It plans to make ordinary undertakings simpler for buyers – including “charging your tablet in a hurry, exchanging documents rapidly and limiting mess”, as per the organization.

It has been established by outline and tech business visionary Asad Hamir, with Hubert designated inventive executive, and expects to “lessen the worry of stressing over your tech inconveniences”, says Hubert.

Nolii will dispatch as a feature of a light establishment at the Design Frontiers show at Somerset House in September, which is a piece of the current year’s London Design Festival. It will then go on special toward the finish of November. A cost for the set is yet to be uncovered.



Keep, Nolii range
Bundle, Nolii range

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