The late Martin Roth, previous chief at V&A © Thierry Bal

Martin Roth, who is best known for his five-year spell running London’s Victoria and Albert (V&A) exhibition hall, kicked the bucket this week following a current malignancy finding.

Roth will be associated with his work at the V&A, which included boosting the exhibition hall’s guest numbers to the most astounding it had ever observed, putting on profoundly fruitful and all inclusive shows on David Bowie and Alexander McQueen, and taking a more universal concentration by setting up galleries around the globe.

His work based on boosting accumulations’ universal profile, and advancing social decent variety and inclusivity, and in 2007 and 2010 got French and Danish Honors for his commitment to craftsmanship and culture.

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In any case, beside heading up the renowned historical center, Roth will likewise be associated with upholding an energy about craftsmanship and culture and a global concentration at each place he worked.

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He held different posts at exhibition halls and consultative sheets, especially in his nation of origin Germany, including the German Museums Association and the Dresden State Art Collections.


Nicholas Coleridge, administrator at the V&A, recalls Roth as an “executive with a worldwide notoriety” and a “conferred Europhile and social diplomat”


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