There’s something to a great degree pitiful about a neglected building. Relinquished by its proprietors and left to crumble, every one of the recollections made inside its four dividers will gradually disperse to nothing.

Be that as it may, if got sufficiently early, the excellence of these overlooked properties can in any case be seen. Simply take a gander at Austin Hodges’ photography arrangement, for instance.



Situated in South Philadelphia, Hodges saw a plenitude of rotting houses. He soon wound up plainly interested by their stories: “Deserted homes recount a story, from when it was fabricated, who claimed it and how/why the home inspired left to spoil. So I made it a mission of mine to record however many of the homes in Philadelphia as could be expected under the circumstances.



“When I photo these homes, I just put the area that it’s in. It’s an approach to outline where I’ve been, and it’s a decent approach to demonstrate individuals the numerous areas we have here in Philadelphia,” Also Read: High schooler Photographer Successfully Captures his first Dramatic Landscape Shots



“As of late I’ve been investigating the city of Chester, PA and Camden, NJ. I will probably report the homes here, on the grounds that they are wonderful, regardless of whether they are relinquished or quite recently interesting. One day the deserted homes will be annihilated and supplanted.”

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