Bringing home a new baby is one of the most Judi Online days a family will experience. So it makes sense that many new parents want to share it with their loved ones and keep a record for years to come.

But we crave something a little more creative than the standard (albeit totally adorable) shoot. That’s why we compiled this collection of 5 fantastically creative baby photo shoots (+ one bonus) to inspire your own Judi Online.


Judi Online Inspiration to Photo Shoot Baby

1. Make Photoshop Your Best Friend: Singlhild Nystrom really lucked out when she was born to photographer father Emil Nystrom. Her dad flexes his major photography chops, as well as his imagination and Photoshop skills, to place her in a wide range of backdrops and crazy situations. If you have the same abilities, this is an incredible way to photograph your child, and will give you plenty of hilarious photos to flip through as they grow older. (via Observer Online)

2. Sketch Around:  This mom takes photos of her son doing baby stuff on a white backdrop, whether he’s napping, squirming, or exploring. But what takes this photo series from generic to extraordinary is how she sketches new worlds around her child using Photoshop and good, old-fashioned pen and paper. He’ll walk the runway, explore the neighbor’s yard, and DJ to a crowd of adoring fans. At this rate, he’ll have accomplished way more than us at his age. (The Endearing Designer).

3. Be The Best Parent Around: We couldn’t leave our favorite “world’s best father” out of the mix! Photographer Dave Engledow is the creator of a series called Confessions of the World’s Best Father, and he’s an inspiration to anyone who wants to add some creativity and humor to their baby photos. He chronicles the early years of his daughter Alice Bee with some hysterical images (that Breaking Dad photo is priceless). Check out his flickr profile to see all the glory for yourself. (via Dave Engledow)

4. Break Out the Chalk: We love this creative chalkscape from Cute Moments Photography. And not just because we’re all about blackboard DIYs. It’s a cute and innovative way to add some personality to your baby’s photos. Sketch out your favorite backdrop, then get ready to pose. We envision a stunning photo display for a classy black and white addition to any nursery. (via Cute Moments Photography)

5. Set Them Flying: This is a literal take on letting your nestlings take flight. The photo series, entitled Flying Henry, uses natural scenery, Photoshop and props to create portraits that appeal to the child within all of us. They emphasize how anything is possible when you’re young. Ethereal, whimsical, and magical, they are sure to be a treasure for many more years to come. (via Rachel Hullin)

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