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I love Pantone’s new color of the year for 2013. It’s so fresh and seems to translate to any season. I can imagine using it in a design for a holiday card or a spring save the date. From the runways, to home interiors, to web and print design, we are in store for a lot more of this color in 2013.

A little emerald anyone?

It’s funny, as I sit down to write this post, I notice I am in fact wearing this color today. My scarf is most certainly woven in the hue of Pantone’s Emerald 17-564, with the addition of little white polka dots all over.

Emerald is one of those colors that seems to exude energy and tranquility all in one glance. It is an all around perfectly balanced dose of creative punch and sophistication.

If you are looking to freshen up your branding or design projects in the new year, why not try on a little Emerald?

Here’s an example of how a simple color shift can really change the look of your branding. Below I’ve taken a few elements from one of Design Aglow’s branding kits, Typographic Marketing Set, and given it an Emerald 17-5641 make-over.

designer_diary_pantone_emerald_17_5641_011413_3 designer_diary_pantone_emerald_17_5641_011413_4 designer_diary_pantone_emerald_17_5641_011413_5 If you are a lover of color like me, you may want to use your Emerald in a color palette so you can use some additional colors in your designs.

Sometimes less is more. Here’s an example of a great color palette using emerald sparingly in just the right dose to add to the overall beauty of this palette. Here I’ve taken one of Design Aglow’s card designs, from ‘Hello World’ Baby Announcements and shown it in my new palette.

designer_diary_pantone_emerald_17_5641_011413_7 designer_diary_pantone_emerald_17_5641_011413_8 How will you use Emerald this year?

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