Designaglowshop – Toko Online is a network of online communication, for free classified advertisement for sales, housing, jobs, resumes, community and even discussion forums. Xohop, in early 2014 began Toko Online  to help one another, in form of selling products in a most trusted way.

designaglowshop Toko Online

Many people with a spark of new ideas with graphic design joined him and now it became a very popular online ecommerce classifieds site with more than 4 million users.

Toko Online had a wide range of classification with too many members across the globe

Toko Online  is preferred mostly by small business owners to promote their business in a cost free way and also the best way to promote their product globally. Here is the guidance on sell product on Toko Online . For the advertisement: If we are selling an old item you need to clean it up and make it ready to buy. Look for similar advertisement, to get a better idea & Inspirations about the Graphic Designs.

On posting your advertisement, make sure that you have provided as many details as possible and also to attach a good quality picture of your item. Most important thing is to be honest.

Make sure you have posted the truth about your Design Logos or Photography albums, don’t try to fool your customers. This will make you gain many customers in future. Make sure that the price is reasonable. If the price is too your product will be sold out but your profit will be too low. It the price is too high you won’t get any respond. Handling the customers: Don’t let the buyers to talk about an alternative form of payment.

Unless you have a need for it. You may get many responses, but only few will show up. But don’t let them bother you. After the sale: Once you have sold the item make sure that you have removed your advertisement. For safe selling: When you first meet the customer make sure that it’s held in a public place. Try not to post your personal information. It’s good to have contact as many people xohop for freelance work. Make sure that you have a detail contract before doing the work.


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