Welcome and thank you for choosing Design Aglow Shop as your premier resource for information, news, success tools, and design experts !

In this tutorial we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of how to use our products and templates and answer many of the common questions we receive every day. Remember that this is an overall tutorial for using our templates and won’t apply to all of the products in the Design Aglow shop (such as the magazines or other how-to guides). Let’s get started!

As you’ll notice from the Design Aglow homepage, we include a selection of helpful tabs to get you started on the path to success with your new products:

• SHOP – Looking for amazing well-designed templates to impress clients and stand out in your market without the time and financial investment of hiring a designer? You’ll find all of that and more in the shop!

• BLOG – This is where you’ll find all of our featured products, fan shares (we explain this later), new products with special introductory pricing, contests, and more!

• CONTRIBUTORS – See our acclaimed photographers, who are tops in the industry, and are here sharing their cutting edge knowledge with YOU. You’ll find their thoughts, images, and tips in our magazine, posing guides, educational products, kits and more.

• Q&A – One of the most important sections on the Design Aglow website, it’s here where we answer common product questions and provide tutorials and copyright information. We highly recommend saving this link as a bookmark, just in case…

• OPPORTUNITIES – We are always looking for the best freelance writers and designers who are interested in growing with our fast-growing company. Feel free to check this link and check our daily blog to see if any other opportunities become available in the future!

• CONTACT – Please use this link for any and all questions that you have and we will be sure to respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.

About Design Aglow Products:
Every product we sell in the shop is a digital download. You will not receive a physical product from us. The majority of our products are templates that you need to edit and customize to suit your brand and tone of your company – which range from marketing sets, cards, collages, contracts, even to bundles to help you advance in the social media world. The following products that don’t need to be customized are our online magazine, resource guides, actions, and posing guides.

The Download Process:
Once you have made a purchase through the shop, you will receive a confirmation and download email: these will be in the same email. There is a link located at the bottom of the email with a download password that will take you directly to the download section of the website. Each product you purchase from Design Aglow will be in the form of a ZIP file, which you will need to extract once downloaded to your computer.

BACK IT UP! – We recommend immediately backing up your files to an external drive or second computer that isn’t used often. Unfortunately technology is not perfect: whether it’s a computer crashing, studio broken into, or accidentally saving over the original file, please back up your files and make sure you have access to them if you find yourself in any of these situations.

Your Download Folder:

In your download folder you will always find the following:
• A text or pdf document containing copyright information for the product
• A basic tutorial on how to use the product/template (some of the simpler products may not have this, but you can find basic tutorials for using the products in the Q&A section of the website)

Other items you will see in your download folder:
• A folder labeled PSD_FILES or PHOTOSHOP_FILES: This is where any and all Photoshop files for you to customize reside.
• A folder labeled INDD or INDESIGN_FILES: These are InDesign files. Some of our products come with bonus InDesign files for those who like to use the drag and drop features of InDesign as opposed to Photoshop. This folder is NOT needed if you only use Photoshop and can be ignored.
• JPEG_PREVIEWS: This folder is to help you preview the templates before opening them in Photoshop.

What exactly is Customizable?
We strive to make our templates as easily customizable as possible using Photoshop. We encourage you to be creative and inspired as you tailor each template to fit within the needs of your studio’s brand, voice and style.

This includes (but is not limited to):
• Adding your own images
• Changing colors
• Adding a logo
• Customizing text
• Resizing elements (most are vector-based), images, and the template itself

Some of your products show text – is it real verbiage or just “fluff” text?
All of our templates that include text have been professionally pre-written for you. You are welcome to use any of the stock text that comes on any of our products, including holiday cards, baby announcements, sales and marketing materials, and albums, and are not required to change it. However, we highly recommend that you do change the text to reflect your own personal style and point-of-view. Remember that the templates are only a starting point to get you on your way to better sales and a more successful studio. Try to put your own personality into the words. Clients LOVE that!

I love the text – but where is the font?
The fonts we use in our designs are usually standard system fonts you already have on your computer or freeware or shareware fonts available for free on the internet. We cannot include the fonts in your download because they are protected under copyright. However you can download them directly from their creators. We find that if you type in the name of the font into your favorite search engine you will come up with several download sources.

I have my design finished – now what?
Great question! You have a few different options for your amazing new template, and we know you’re just itching to get it into your clients’ hands!

1. Have it Printed: We always recommend having your designs professionally printed so you know you’re receiving the absolute best quality product on the market. There are many printers and labs to choose from to print your templates and marketing materials. Whomever you choose, be absolutely sure that you contact them for their sizing, bleed and crop specs before printing your materials. You may need to re-size to their specs or move text away from the edges. Never guesstimate and always double check with your printer before placing your order!
That said, we do have a few companies that we recommend:
ProDPI: for cards, photographic prints, mounted prints, gallery canvases, press printed albums, stickers, and mini accordion books
CopyCraft: for our 8 page booklets, 16 page magazine and studio stationery
Finao: self mount albums, image boxes and coffee table books
Discmakers: for short-run, printed DVDs

2. Create a PDF: One of the great things about the digital age is the ability to send information to your clients – and fast. What better than a welcome letter, magazine, or brochure delivered right to their inbox? And, it’s paperless and free to use!

3. Online Magazine: We recommend using issuu.com – it’s user friendly and very easy to use. You’ll need to have a pre-compiled PDF to upload to their website.

4. Fan Share! What in the world do we mean? We would love to welcome you to the world of fan sharing, a realm of endless possibilities where beautiful creations meet fantastic product photography. Our Design Aglow “fans” share what they are doing with our products on our blog….and their work is beyond inspiring!

The Benefits (if your submission is selected):
• Your images/post will be featured on the Design Aglow Blog – followed by hundreds of thousands of photographers in our industry
• Receive a $75 gift certificate to the Design Aglow Shop
• Receive a badge to put anywhere your heart desires! Such as your blog, website, etc.
The Process:
1. Please resize your images of finished products to 8h x 12w @ 72dpi
2. If you have more than one image please send them to us in a zipped folder
3. Submit everything to this link: www.designaglow.com/fan-share

• use good, natural light, a simple background and avoid glares
• prop up flat pieces, like cards, instead of laying them flat on a table
• use a variety of angles and crops
• sharp, sharp, sharp, sharp. oh – did we say sharp?
• avoid using too many props; some props can add a nice pop of color, but products can get lost very fast with tons of props

Thanks again for familiarizing yourself with all that Design Aglow offers. We look forward to becoming your go-to resource for all your design and studio success tools! Remember to stay inspired with our Daily Blog and connect with us on our Facebook Page~